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d and urinary testing, as well as observing the ▓patient in sleep. Mild forms of treatment, such as medicines and other specialized treatments are fist applied and i

f prov▓en ineffective, they will move forward to surgery."But, i▓t’s my dream that 20 years from now, we will make so▓ many advances in treating sleep apnea tha▓t no child will need to undergo surgery," said Dr. Gozal.He hopes new medicines and treatment p▓rograms will be introduced to the public as sleep study experts develop state-of-the-art cures for c

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hildren.He sought to express his gratitude to Dr. Xu and Beijing Children’s Hospital for pur▓suing innovative and collaborative research on sleep apnea in pediatrics.Dr. Gozal is open

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to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctors collaborat▓ing with his team of sleep experts as well, esp▓ecially

to treat mild cases of sleep ▓apnea for children. He is sure that th▓e wisdom of TCM may provide unique opportunities▓ to discover future effective treatments for sleep apnea in child

ren.Public message f▓or allIn the public discourse in China a▓nd the rest of the world, not many people are talking about sleep apnea in children. But Gozal and other sleep experts say▓ it’s necessary to address the topic i

ess, Dr. Xu, 

n public▓ awareness campaigns."Some parents think that if their children snore like Grandpa t

hat's no problem, but they're wrong," Dr. Gozal told CCTV.com Panview. "Snoring is an abnormal trait for children. They might have ▓sleep apnea, which is affecting their ability to learn now and as adults, is

  • Beijing Children's Hospital chief physician
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  • ents who look for a fast cure to their child&rsquo
  • ;s s▓leep apnea and they rush them into sur
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putting them at risk for futu▓re diseases such as heart disease and diabetes when th▓ey become adults, and is reducing their qua▓lity of life. If treated we can make the child’s futur

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surgery plac▓es faces a gre

t familiar with the ailment and it's time for pe▓ople to take a closer look.The opini▓ons expressed here do not necessarily reflect ▓the opinions of Panview or CCTV.com)P▓lea

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table, those seasons on the playground with friends, those times when we co▓uldn鈥檛 wait for classes to finish..▓. Lin Qi, a Chinese freelance documentary photographer gi▓ves us

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t would. Al▓though Dr. Gozal

refuge▓e camp.More galleriesA closer look at children in village▓s of KenyaPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow ▓us on Wechat'+sli

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, which is branded as "the las▓t pure land on earth", "the last Shangri-La",▓ and "the holy land in the sun" for▓ its crystal clear lakes, beautiful mountains and grasslan

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ds, swaying trees and fab▓ulous hot springs.Special Children's Day for ▓Tibetan kids in DaochengSpecial Children's Day for Tibetan k▓ids in Daocheng05-31-2017 16:09 BJTBy Li Shouen, ▓CCTV.com Panview Editor-in-chiefDaocheng C▓o

dergo surgery are tr

unty, in southwest China's Sichuan▓ Province, is known to Westerners for its Yading scenery, which is branded as "the last pure land on earth", "the last Shangri-La", and▓ "the holy land in the sun" for its crystal clear lakes, beautiful mounta▓ins and grasslands, swaying trees and fabulous hot springs

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